Discipleship program is designed to raise disciples of Jesus Christ. It is for those who are ready to be committed to the missions of God, people who are ready to pick up their cross to follow Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth.

Voice of the Spirit

Voice of the Spirit is an hour weekly bible teaching program to help people understand the principles of God better.

Join us Live every Friday 2:00pm – 3:00pm (WAT) via our Facebook Page (Honesty Missions) and our Online Radio App (Honesty Missions Radio). 

Repeat Broadcast every Sunday and Wednesday @ 6:00pm (WAT) via our Online Radio App (Honesty Missions Radio). Kindly download our Radio App (HONESTY MISSIONS RADIO) to be part of the program.

Live Experiences With Jesus

 Live Experiences with Jesus is a Christian program designed to tackle sensitive issues in marriages, religion, business, singleness, health complications, abuse, discipleship e.t.c.

You can view previous episodes via our YouTube channel.